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    We all know about sex dolls for men, but what about sex dolls for women? They do exist and we have a great range below all in different styles, detachable dildos and ones that vibrate. Blow up dolls for women is probably not the first thing you think when you think about sex toys for women, but they are great for creating a realistic effect. We stock a different range of blow up men that come in an array of sexy styles. Ever day dream of going with the fireman? Or perhaps a kinky cowboy? Our dolls are dressed up in uniform and a ready to go. Don't worry about having to blow him up as we can supply a high quality foot pump that will get him ready for action within minutes! Some of our men have inflatable members that can grow up to 12 inches, whereas if you're looking for something a little more rigid we have dolls that have an attachment that allows you to add your favorite vibrator or dildo, so you get the best of both worlds! Is your fella working away? Get the next best thing with our male sex dolls all of with free delivery and secure online ordering.

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    Kimmi Lovecok Love Doll With 2 Love Holes 0.00Read More
    Kimmi Lovecok Love Doll With 2 Love Holes Big John Vibrating 0.00Read More Big John Vibrating Tyler Knight Doll 0.00Read More Tyler Knight Doll Fireman Love Doll 0.00Read More Fireman Love Doll Nasty Boy Doll 0.00Read More Nasty Boy Doll Black Jack Vibrating Doll 0.00Read More Black Jack Vibrating Doll Jason Doll 0.00Read More Jason Doll


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