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    Looking to give your partner a knobbly thrill? These things are great for a short term solution to increasing the length of your penis but more importantly for helping to satisfy your partner better. They are designed to slide on to the end of your penis just like a condom and then you're able to pleasure your partner all night. Some come ribbed for extra pleasure and we supply a range of colours from flesh coloured to clear and a varying range of lengths and patterns. WE can offer a extension sleeve pack that allows you trial different patterns with your partner to find out which one suits you both. Most our sleeves are made from rubber or latex which allows them to expand and fit if needs be and they are designed not to split. These are not condoms and should not be used as a contraception. Our penis sleeves fit over your penis and are covered in nobbles, bobbles, spikes, vibrators and loads of other incarnations. Make sex even more fun with these penis sleeves. Buy now and use them with our range of climax creams that help to bring her to orgasm easier and with a stronger sensation and feel.

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    Super Stretch Sleeve 0.00Read More
    Super Stretch Sleeve Latex Lover 0.00Read More Latex Lover Silicone Girth Rings 0.00Read More Silicone Girth Rings G Spot Extension 0.00Read More G Spot Extension Bull Bag 0.75" Ball Stretcher -Clear 0.00Read More Bull Bag 0.75 Cyber Skin 2 Inch Thick Penis Extension 0.00Read More Cyber Skin 2 Inch Thick Penis Extension Screw Me Instant Activation Sleeve 0.00Read More Screw Me Instant Activation Sleeve Nature Skin Lust Sleeve 0.00Read More Nature Skin Lust Sleeve Renegade Reversible Power Cage Penis Sleeve 0.00Read More Renegade Reversible Power Cage Penis Sleeve Vibrating Super Sleeve 0.00Read More Vibrating Super Sleeve Peni Brummer Pants 0.00Read More Peni Brummer Pants Realistic Sleeve 0.00Read More Realistic Sleeve
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