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    Cheap, small, colourful and a lot of fun! Our finger vibrators fit neatly in any handbag, have strong vibrations and will allow you to accurately target the area of your clitoris that gives the greatest returns! Starting at about 1 inch long the Finger vibrators we have here are good in terms of getting the accuracy you may desire because some women require stimulation in one certain area rather than full vaginal stimulation, so our products below cater for that. Wearing one allows the precise control you would normally have with your finger but with some special additions! How about a small rabbit on the end, with his little ears stimulating the clitoris? Or how about a little dolphin? Perhaps you desire the finger control but with the added sensation of vibrations? Then you should check out our Finger Finesse and Finger Tingle products - the one that has a little bullet on the end! All of these items will run on just one battery which you will get free with your order. We try and ensure at least one item from each category in the sale so make sure you check our promotions page out to see if we're offering them at a lower price for the greatest value.

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    Give Pleasure Pack Finger Finesse 0.00Read More Finger Finesse Screaming O Fingo Vibrator 0.00Read More Screaming O Fingo Vibrator Finger Flipr 0.00Read More Finger Flipr Finger Tingles 0.00Read More Finger Tingles Screaming O Fingo Tips Vibrator Purple 0.00Read More Screaming O Fingo Tips Vibrator Purple Fingervibes Ii 0.00Read More Fingervibes Ii Finger Fun Phantasy Kit 0.00Read More Finger Fun Phantasy Kit Dinky Dolphin Finger Vibe 0.00Read More Dinky Dolphin Finger Vibe Rabbit A Gogo 0.00Read More Rabbit A Gogo Vibrating Tongue Ring Blue 0.00Read More Vibrating Tongue Ring Blue Vibrating Tongue Ring Pink 0.00Read More Vibrating Tongue Ring Pink
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